Do You have these for Monsoon in your Wardrobe

To enjoy Monsoon, one should feel comfortable, bright & happy from inside. Dressing the right way will do it for you!. Though, it gets really tricky to dress aptly in this season as one has to look gorgeous and feel comfortable at the same time. Also, the gloomy grey sky outside makes it more important to dress vibrant and not look as gloomy as the sky! Have a look at our Monsoon Style Guide and update your wardrobe accordingly.

Here are some tips to look and feel bright during monsoon.

1. Bright & Colorful clothes to the rescue: Bright colors during monsoon will make you look attractive and help you stand apart in the dull weather outside. Wear these bright and trendy tops with either shorts, pencil skirts or denims and you are good to go for all your Monsoon outings. Buy these Monsoon tops now.

(Click on the image to view these Tops)

2. Cotton or Short Kurtis: Salwar Kameez and long Kurtis are not that easy to carry during Monsoon, so opt for Mid-length Kurtis with Churidar or Leggings. Or you can even pair it with denim. Check it out here.

(Click on the image to view these Kurtis)

3. One Piece Dresses: One Piece Dresses are very easy to carry during monsoon. These will help you stay dry as well as make you look trendy and fabulous. Avoid wearing light colors as they get transparent when wet. Go for bright colors like red, orange, blue, pink etc. See more One Piece dresses that can be worn in monsoon.

(Click on the image to view these One Piece Dresses)

4. Stay Away from Heels: We know heels are your favorites! But it is better to stay away from heels and stilettoes during rains as it can put you in embarrassing situations during monsoon. It won’t be comfortable at all to run on slippery roads in your heels, right? So for some time keep those heels safe at home! You can put on these ballerinas and flats at the office as well. Various other bright and colorful options are available easily if you want to add that pop of color.

monsoon wear, stylish monsoon wear

5. Say no to Leather: May it be your favorite leather bag, sandals or jacket, leather isn’t a great option to use during monsoon. Moreover, they take ages to dry, once wet. Go for waterproof bags so that you keep your belongings safe.

monsoon wear

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