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Wedding, Reception, Ring Ceremony or be it any other social gathering, a Lehenga is the favorite choice of Indian Women. Their love for lehenga will never die! It is because a Lehenga is easy to carry and there are so many lehenga designs available that one can never run out of options. You can opt for a flared lehenga, layered one or a lehenga with a trail. There are many more options such as an A-line Lehenga, Lehenga with Jacket, a Mermaid or Fishtail Lehenga, Kalidaar (Panelled) Lehenga, Sharara Lehenga or a Saree Lehenga. These different lehenga designs suit almost all body types and give women the royal look they desire.
Lehenga was not considered as royal as the ancient version of lehenga was worn by women as a simple plain ghaghra or skirt with blouse and dupatta. But the Mughals gave lehenga this royal dimension. The lehenga used to add richness to the already rich Mughal wives and since then, lehengas have been a symbol of royalty and elegance.
Many designers have experimented with lehengas and have created various different types of the same. The lehengas have always been a favorite canvas to experiment for the designers and for women as well, as it adds sheer elegance to their look when worn.
Bollywood has also played its role in giving lehenga its popularity. Various Bollywood actresses have donned lehengas with elegance and richness in their professional as well as personal lives. Be it their wedding in the movies or in reality these influencers have chosen a never seen before lehenga to grace the occasion. This creates a huge demand for Bollywood Lehengas across the country and thus, many online websites have come up with Bollywood replica lehengas to meet this huge demand.
Creating Replicas of the designer lehengas worn by various actress and that created by various top fashion designers for various fashion shows has degraded the quality of online selling. These replicas are usually made up of very poor quality cloth and thus the buyers hesitate in buying lehengas online.
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